Monday, April 30, 2012

The Foregiveness of God, the Forgiveness Within

Later this afternoon a local politician will face the public, and face the music regarding his very foolish indiscretion with taxpayer's money.  Up from the original estimate of $3000 wrongly charged to the public credit card are new estimates of even as much as five times that amount.  Hi resignation is expected by some, hoped by others and gleefully anticipated by still others.  It's possible his political career is over.

I pray that he has made his way to confession at some point in the last few days in order to prepare for today.

When we sin against others, confessing through our priest does not make the hurt we have caused others magically go away.  It does not get us out of legal trouble, or even mitigate the consequences of law.  By fully confessing we come clean with God.  We hear the words of absolution.  We are at peace and ready to bear the judgement of man.

The inner peace of reconciliation with God allows us to understand, listen, and if necessary forgive the (over)reaction of others.  It can be a long road back, and it begins within.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We can (and should) Forgive Even Politicians

My town is experiencing a bit of a crisis as a politician has admitted to a lapse in judgement in using the Library credit card for his personal, quite prolific spending habits.  He has apologized and claims to have repaid all money owing, although new revelations are breathlessly reported in the mainstream media daily.

He's taking quite a hard knock in the social media.  He's young, ambitious and frankly, a nice guy.  Well connected and savvy, he's respected (or until now, he was.)

Elected officials have the expectation to intense scrutiny but no person should reasonably have to endure what this young man is going through.  Criticism, disappointment, even anger; these are understandable reactions on the part of his constituents.

Glee at his plight, unwarranted speculation borne of malice and nurtured by ignorance, and attacks on his character are not Christian, not helpful and certainly not what we would wish on ourselves or a family member.

The councilman will answer for his error and decide if he'd like to finish his term, provided he is not found guilty of a crime (at this point there do not appear to be charges pending).   After that, it's up to the electorate if his political career continues or ends, if he decides to run.

A little forgiveness and a whole lot of prayer on his behalf is what he needs from us in the meantime.  There but for the grace of God go any of us.  Christ knows how difficult it is to endure such public humiliation.

No really; Christ knows.