Saturday, January 25, 2014

Follow Me. No, Really

It was no accident that Jesus turned to men who’d spent their lives in a boat and said “come ashore.”  Step onto this wet sand where I leave my footprints – the footprints of God left in the sand of our world, imagine!, step onto this shore and turn your back on all you have known and start a new way of life.  Follow me.

He didn’t ask them to stop being fishers.  Now they were fishers of people.
He doesn’t ask us to give up our careers and vocations.  If we are teachers, he will make us teachers of people, those in the medical field can be doctors and nurses of broken hearts, we can be craftsmen of damaged lives, counselors to the troubled, mothers, fathers, brother and sisters to each other.

All he asks is that we turn away from our former selves.  He asks us to do our best to be like him – loving, kind, and a servant to the other – rich or poor.  It seems so hard.  But he really asks only one thing of us and he says it quite clearly.

Come, follow me.