Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More than my Waist Line has Inflated Since 1979

Here are some things I pay for today that weren't on my tab when I first moved out of the parental home all those years ago:

  • Internet 
  • Cable
  • Telephone  $160, a bundle of internet, cable and home phone
  • Cell phone  $65
  • iPod $200 +/-
Here's what those things cost me in 1979:
  • Internet  $0
  • Cable - less than $10, I can't remember exactly; maybe I didn't have cable
  • Telephone $9.95 + long distance calls (rarely, and very short)
  • Cell phone $0.  Pay phones cost $.10 a call, maybe I spent a buck a year.
  • Stamps for letters and cards and bill payments I mailed - probably $30 a year tops
  • A Sony Walkman, first edition $350
    • Batteries for said Walkman - incalculable.  It chewed through two C cells for every 8-10 tapes, more if I used Fast Forward and Rewind
Of course I spent more on books and magazines, tapes and LPs, cigarettes and booze, and trouble in general in those days (mind you, I had to go out to find it.)   

Now trouble comes right into my home.  Aaah, the price of convenience.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Resting in the House of God

26th Sunday in Ordinary time, Year B
This week's Gospel is from Mark 9:30-37 in which the disciples learn a lesson in envy, humility and  faith.

In one telling scene outside of these important life lessons, Jesus asks his disciples as they walked through Galilee, "what were you arguing about?"  (The disciples were arguing about which of them was the greatest.)  They respond as many of us do when faced with a realization we have strayed from the teachings of Christ...dead silence.  Jesus doesn't judge, but he doesn't pull any punches when he confronts our sinfulness.

No wonder the disciples feared to answer.  When conscience catches up with us we want to go silent.  Perhaps we dread the Sacrament of Reconciliation with God for our sins.  Perhaps we dread confessing the same sin, again and again.

What is essential to the growth of our relationship with Christ is to look up from our feet and speak our truth.  We messed up, we strayed from the path, we forgot the teaching, we actually believed we were out of God's earshot or sight.

Jesus invites us to confront our sinfulness, regularly.  And like the disciples in this Gospel reading, we have the opportunity at Mass to take a break from the journey of life and rest for a while in the house of God; to learn at the feet of Jesus the rabbi.

We should take it.  See you next Sunday.