Monday, March 19, 2012

Catholic. Charity

Catholics should give to Catholic charities.  I guess I could have hidden that somewhere between the lines, but it needs to be said, aloud, outside of the lines.

The faith is being watered down by well-meaning Catholics, teachers in the Catholic system, Catholic affinity groups and Catholic community leaders who raise and give money to causes that are quite admirable and quite secular, and there are many of them.   But unless they are Catholic charities, or charities recommended by the local ordinary (our Bishop), we have no guarantee that every penny will be spent in support of Catholic values.  What guarantee have we that money given to a secular charity in support of the sick will not someday be directed towards euthanasia?  That giving to a charitable collective that supports many community charities will not include one that counsels abortion?

There are plenty of very generous people in the secular world with no allegiance except to their own conscience who support all sorts of worthy causes.  God bless them.

There are precious few dollars to support Catholic causes in support of the poor, the sick, the elderly, the unborn, the sorrowful woman who has aborted her child, the crumbling historic church, the faithful.  We must not allow charity inspired at the foot of the cross to be exploited by the secular world for it's own cause to the glory of it's own name.

Catholic dollars should be given, exclusively if possible, to support charity done in Christ's name in accordance with our faith, in accordance with what we believe.

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