Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More than my Waist Line has Inflated Since 1979

Here are some things I pay for today that weren't on my tab when I first moved out of the parental home all those years ago:

  • Internet 
  • Cable
  • Telephone  $160, a bundle of internet, cable and home phone
  • Cell phone  $65
  • iPod $200 +/-
Here's what those things cost me in 1979:
  • Internet  $0
  • Cable - less than $10, I can't remember exactly; maybe I didn't have cable
  • Telephone $9.95 + long distance calls (rarely, and very short)
  • Cell phone $0.  Pay phones cost $.10 a call, maybe I spent a buck a year.
  • Stamps for letters and cards and bill payments I mailed - probably $30 a year tops
  • A Sony Walkman, first edition $350
    • Batteries for said Walkman - incalculable.  It chewed through two C cells for every 8-10 tapes, more if I used Fast Forward and Rewind
Of course I spent more on books and magazines, tapes and LPs, cigarettes and booze, and trouble in general in those days (mind you, I had to go out to find it.)   

Now trouble comes right into my home.  Aaah, the price of convenience.

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