Monday, September 8, 2014

Catholic Schools in Ontario

There is a  creeping anti-Catholicism is changing the landscape of our society. Just this weekend an editorial in the local paper suggested that the Catholic school system was resisting the inevitable end of separate schools and that we must stop insisting that Catholic values, practices and religion classes be upheld in our schools.  Imagine that - students in a Catholic school attending religion classes!

My own feeling when people suggest we should "get with the times" and get rid of all things Catholic is that if the day comes when the only thing that differentiates us is the cross on the wall or the Saint’s name over the door, the public outcry should be loudest, not when we practice our faith in our schools,

Oh sure, people throw that old “publicly funded” argument to suggest we should abandon all Catholic practices.  Tax money goes to support you - therefore you must accept societal norms, they suggest.  I say that they should scream the loudest, we should scream the loudest if we ever do – why then would we need two very separate school systems if one wasn’t decidedly, unabashedly and sometimes uncomfortably Catholic?

That’s worth paying for.

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