Sunday, November 20, 2011

The King

Christ the King    Matthew 25:31

My parents, fresh off the boat from England, raised my sisters and I to expect royalty to come knocking any night of the week.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but in our house there was an emphasis on proper table manners because one never knew when one might be asked to dinner with the Queen.  My mother was determined that should that ever happen she would not be embarrassed by our bad manners .  It hasn't happened, but I know how to hold a knife and fork correctly if it should and I am thankful for that.

I have a great affection for our Queen and I unabashedly consider myself her subject, in matters of country.  The feeling may even be mutual, though I'm not sure that should we have a chance encounter she would even know my name.

When my encounter with Christ happens at the end of my life, I am quite sure he will know me by name.  I may be loyal to Her Majesty, but after I have given to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar  (Mt 22:21 - acknowledging civil authority appropriately) Christ is the only King who matters.

When we say "yes" to one King, we say "no" to all others.  And so, if we deny Christ the King, then who sits on the throne of our lives in his place?  Money, cars, career advancement, prestige, a bottle of Canadian Club?  Ourselves?  Who or what do we put ahead of God?  What's more important than Sunday Mass, for example?  For some it is everything and anything but without God, all is worthless.  Without Christ the King we are but fools on a rudderless ship.

It is sure that we will meet Him someday.  The Queen of England?  For most of us, no matter how well prepared; probably not.

Are we ready to meet Christ the King?

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