Saturday, December 17, 2011

Arise and Defend

I had the occasion to visit our local mall this week, something I try very hard not to do.  I have to admit, it was beautiful.  They've gone out of their way to capture the Christmas spirit, with wreaths and lights and bows and trees and dammit, it worked.  I opened my wallet, swept along with the "Christmas spirit" and gave generously to the retailers.

But what if?
What if the mall owners were to announce that this year, 2011, would be their last celebrating Christmas.  Beginning in 2012 they would no longer decorate for the Christmas season.  Nothing would, in any way, point towards the birth of our saviour.  No more recognition of Christmas at the mall or at any retailer, public school or government office.  No restaurant, no hotel, no car dealership - no one would display even a single Christmas decoration.

This might be the thing to finally unite Christians, arising and defending the faith!  "Canada is a Christian country, they can't do this, it's the fault of the immigrants, they should go home, blah blah blah, etc."  And we'd be wrong.

The only response in keeping with our faith is "hallelujah!  Finally, at last, we've succeeded in separating consumerism from the message of Christ!"  

It's Our Story
This message of Christ is too important that Christians should entrust it to others to deliver it for their own purposes.  Let's embrace the challenge of telling our story every day of the year so it has credibility at Christmas.

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